We can’t wait for the growing season!!

Even though we love winter at Windy Hollow Farm, with snow and beautiful white hills in the distance we are now starting to really look forward to growing season 2018! Our tea plants are all still asleep in dormancy and will nicely waken up when the temperature rises and the sun nicely starts to shine on them.

It will be such a busy year but we can’t wait!!!

Best wishes from Monica and the whole team at WindyHollow tea farm.


Soil Association Blog, organic is great!

We are so pleased to be featured by the Soil Association on their website blog. Windy Hollow Tea, grown in beautiful Scotland.

Great to be interviewed about our dedication to organic tea growing, supporting wildflowers and essential pollinators.

Here is their wonderful blog page have a wee look and then just scroll down to Windy Hollow Tea:


Best wishes from the Tea Farm


Hello Teafriends

We are very happy to put our new website online and share with you all the news and pictures from Windy Hollow Farm over time.

Best wishes from all of us and we can’t wait to hear from you and also welcome you here in Perthshire, Scotland.