Welcome and let us share with you all about our organic farm and work.

Love for Nature
At the core of our work is our love for nature and committment for a
healthy ecosystem. We strongly believe that this can be best achieved
with natural farming, biodiversity farming and organic farm practices, learning and understanding about healthy soil, plants and wildlife around us. We have a special interest in natural farming and biodiversity farming.

Organic accreditation

We are fully certified organic with the wonderful BiodynamicAssociationUK.

Windy Hollow Plants

All of our plants and all products we offer start here at the farm. We grow
everything from seed and the plants are then nourished here in our soil until we harvest and dry or process them in a very natural way. Any technology we use is powered by renewable sources such as the sun or hydro (the energy derived from water flow).

You can get more details about our plants and products by having a browse on individual pages. There is the beautiful tea plant camellia
sinensis, a variety of herbs and herbal teas, workshops on offer and tea visits too. Have a wee look around.