Windy Hollow Artesian Spring Water

Our beautifully fresh Windy Hollow Springwater is used to nourish our tea plants and used for tea tasting. High quality Springwater allows you to taste all these beautiful and interesting nuances and notes of fine teas and tisanes. We would recommend to use Springwater for your tea enjoyment.

Here is a little bit of history about our Windy Hollow Springwater.

Let us take you back in history.

1850s, 1860s and the Hydropathy movement was in full swing in Scotland and further afield. The philosophy was to establish Hydropathy retreats for people to offer respite and relaxation space away from the busy Victorian city life and general every-day tasks and responsibilities. Clean Air and as the name suggests pure clean water were the main ingredients.

During this time, and close to Windy Hollow Spring in Trinity Gask, a Hydropathy Centre was established in Crieff, now called Crieff Hydro. Water from Windy Hollow Spring was taken over the hills and brought to this center for visitors to enjoy, drink and bath in.

Many references can be found about Windy Hollow Artesian Spring water, the British Medical Journal for example refers to it (then called Cowgask Spring) as a “wonderful water with many positive healing properties”.

It was also well covered in the local news with The Strathearn Herald covering the official opening ceremony of the Hydropathy Centre located then near Morrisons School and Crief Hydro. Guests included Dr Meikle the founder of Crieff Hydro. In the opening speech the Spring was referred to as a known source of ‘healing water for over a century’. The water had been analysed by the well-known chemist Dr Thomson then Professor of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow who stated that he believed the water to ‘possess most valuable qualities’.




Typical Water analysis
Magnesium 9.1mg/l
Calcium 62.8mg/l
Chloride 15mg/l
Sodium 16.5mg/l
pH value 7.7